Do you feel unsure about the value you provide at work? A key element on your journey to career clarity is accessing your innate strengths. When you begin to lead with your strengths, you naturally feel more confident, energized and inspired. Unfortunately, most people have a tendency to focus on what they are lacking. Here’s how you can create a powerful shift and begin to lead with your strengths in your career and life. 

A coaching client, let’s call her Vera, found her calling as art-therapist. She was given the opportunity to co-lead a well-established group program, focusing on healing trauma through creative expression. Vera was excited about this amazing opportunity that fell into her lap right after completing her art-therapy training. 

Notice How You Undermine Your Power

However, when co-leading her first module, she noticed feelings of anxiety and incompetence. Thoughts like “they should have hired someone else” kept running through her mind, further undermining her confidence. Vera realized that she was comparing herself to her co-leader, Ron (not his real name). Ron had been running this program for over a decade. He was also well-known, accomplished artist. In the comparison game, Vera was playing in her head, she didn’t measure up so well. 

Take a moment now to notice where in your life you are undermining your power. What kinds of activities make you feel anxious and unworthy? In what kind of situations do you believe someone else would do a better job? Jot down your insights about situations that trigger self-doubt. 

Re-Connect with the Joy of Leading with Your Strengths

When Vera brought her challenge to a coaching call, I encouraged her to reconnect with the joy she feels when leading the program. I asked her to share some of the highlights of her days. 

As Vera shared about her joyful moments, her voice immediately sounded more radiant. Vera began to realize just how much she contributed to the program. Many participants had no formal art training, just like Vera. They felt encouraged to freely explore their creativity because of Vera’s presence. 

I asked Vera to name the inner qualities that allowed her to create these meaningful experiences for the participants. She acknowledged that her empathy, compassion and warmth helped new arrivals to the program open up quickly.

She chuckled when she recognized that her lightness and humour allowed participants to approach the program as a playful experiment. Vera realized that thanks to her contribution the program was becoming even more successful in helping people overcome their fears of failure.

Now take a moment to reconnect with how it feels when you are in your element. What is it like for you, when you engage in an activity whole-heartedly? What strengths do you recognize within yourself as you let go of comparison? Write down your natural strengths, the innate qualities that allow you to thrive.

It’s difficult for most people to fully recognize their strengths on their own. So, if you are drawing a blank, don’t despair, reach out for support and book your free career clarity consultation. I look forward to helping you access your innate strengths and step more fully into your power.

Remind Yourself of Your Strengths Every Day

At the end of her coaching session, Vera committed to reminding herself daily of her innate strengths of empathy, compassion, lightness and humour. This daily focus helped Vera lead more consciously with her strengths and step more fully into her confidence. 

She realized that even her ‘lack’ of formal art training was an asset to the program. Vera let go of comparing herself with Ron and entered whole-heartedly into co-leading with him. Now she recognizes how beautiful their strengths complement each other. The program flourishes because of their synergy. 

How will you anchor the shift in perspective you’ve just created? What will remind you each day to focus on your strengths? 

Just like Vera, you too, can step more fully into your power as you begin to lead with your strengths. Take a moment now to create a daily reminder structure that will help you make this powerful shift permanent.