On your courageous journey to career clarity, you may feel pressed for time, money, and energy. You are not alone! In the fast-paced world we live in, most people feel on some level that there just isn’t enough. Nevertheless, one of my bouts of scarcity thinking led me to an interesting discovery, followed by a powerful transformational experience. Hence, I am excited to share my insights with you to help you transform scarcity thinking and move forward in your life and career.

Become Aware of Your Scarcity Thinking

It had been a full week for me. In addition to my regular coaching schedule, I had completed a two-month training program, written several articles and provided several career clarity consultations. On top of all that, the clocks had just switched to daylight savings time and my internal clock had to adjust to this arbitrary sudden shift.

On Saturday morning, I felt pressed for time as I started our weekly house-cleaning routine. Because it was a little later than usual when I rode my bike to the market, I was worried that there wouldn’t be any greens or eggs left. To my surprise, I was greeted by wonderful bounty at the market. My scarcity thoughts drifted into the background for a while, as I chatted with the farmers and stocked up with local produce.


When I came home, my husband had vacuumed our home and I began to wet clean the floors. Again, I noticed this feeling of tension inside and the worry that I was somehow behind schedule. Presently, my husband returned with groceries from the supermarket right after I had finished cleaning. Together we prepared a delicious lunch. As we sat down to enjoy our meal, I confessed that scarcity feelings had haunted me all morning and that I was exhausted from my busy week. My husband listened with empathy and suggested a restorative nap. With appreciation for his care and support I laid down to rest.

How about YOU? What kinds of situations evoke thoughts and feelings of scarcity in you? For example, time sensitive tasks, bills to pay, and comparing yourself with others are common triggers for scarcity thinking. Take a moment to jot down your insights!

Notice How Scarcity Thinking Impacts Your Body

However, even though I was tired, I couldn’t fall asleep. Instead, I was ruminating about things I didn’t get done that week. Soon, it felt like a relentless onslaught of accusations and self-judgement in my head. So, I decided to shift my attention to the sensations in my body. As I turned towards my body, I noticed a knot in my belly, tension around my shoulders, and a lump in my throat. Quietly, I embraced these painful sensations.

How about you? What does scarcity thinking feel like in your body? I encourage you to notice your sensations. Given that paying attention to the felt sense is a powerful way to interrupt the onslaught of negative thoughts, even just for seconds. When you accept the sensations in your body for what they are right now, you create a little more space. Although you may not feel a shift yet, I encourage you to trust that your compassionate witnessing is making a positive difference.

Release Your Scarcity Feelings

Thankfully, once I focused on my body sensations, I managed to fall asleep quickly and woke up feeling rested. However, the emotional charge of “not enough time” and “not enough energy” was still present in me. Therefore, I decided to meditate. With each inhale I imagined fresh energy nourishing me, with each exhale I released the heavy emotional charge of scarcity. As I engaged in this meditation, all kinds of old scarcity memories emerged. I continued to release them one by one. At last I discovered a deep-seated belief of “I am not enough”. Intuitively, I had found the root cause for my present-day scarcity thinking and corresponding feelings of lack.


Before you read any further, I encourage you to meditate and release your scarcity feelings. Get curious! What kind of scarcity beliefs do you carry? Here are a few common beliefs I have witnessed in my career clarity coaching clients over the years:
• Don’t have what it takes.
• I’m not lovable.
• Don’t belong.
• I’m not worthy.
• Not smart, patient, compassionate enough,…
Do any of these remind you of your negative self-talk? Then, simply jot down what feels familiar to you. Remember, you don’t have to do this deep inner work alone! I am right here to support you every step of the way.

Embrace Yourself with Reassurance

Intuitively, I put my hand on my heart and said: “You are enough.” My heart instantly felt warmer, and a deep sense of peace washed over me. Though I knew that scarcity thoughts would show up again in my mind, they didn’t feel overpowering anymore. Consequently, I sat for a while in deep gratitude for this powerful transformation.


What about YOU? How do you want to embrace yourself? What reassuring words do you want to whisper to your heart? Which parts of your body want to be touched or held? Allow yourself to tune into the wisdom of your heart and body and follow your intuitive impulses. Try it out! However, if you are drawing a blank, don’t despair. It’s quite common.

Live from the Truth that YOU are Enough

That afternoon, I connected with the truth that I am enough regardless of successes or failures I experience. Markedly, it helps me feel safe and whole. Undoubtedly, my realization has turned scarcity thinking into an opportunity for further transformation. Now, when I am running late, about to pay a bunch of bills, or simply feel tired, I touch my heart with reassurance: “You are enough!” Every time I engage in this practice, my body relaxes, my heart expands, as I shed another layer of old scarcity beliefs.

What will help you embrace the truth that you are enough? How can you turn towards yourself with reassurance? Once again, you don’t have to travel alone on this transformational journey. Reach out for your free career clarity consult. Together we will explore your next steps and create a path forward for you to flourish!