‘Fun is better than perfect’ is a maxim for all of us prone to endlessly waiting for the perfect circumstances to arrive to begin doing what we really want. We end up regretting the things we didn’t do, rather than the things we might have done ‘imperfectly.’ May this story inspire you to get on with the things that spark joy in you and stop waiting for the perfect time and conditions.


One sunny Victoria morning as I was riding my bike to a meeting across town, I saw another biker, let’s call her Tamara, dressed quite stylishly. We both came to a halt at a red traffic light. I complimented her on riding in her dress-clothes. Our conversation continued over the next few red lights.

I shared that it reminded me of my home-town, Freiburg in Germany where people ride in their dress clothes to work.

perfect-bikes-in-GermanyRiding a bike is not considered an activity you need special clothes for in Germany. It’s just a normal way of getting around.

Tamara exclaimed just how happy she feels riding her bike to work. She admitted that it took her a while to make it happen.

Initially she thought that she needed to get a better bike as well as proper biking clothes and rain gear, before she could ride her bike to work. That’s why she put it off for several months.

Then, one day she just decided to start biking her single-speed bike, in her dress-clothes to work. Tamara let go of her perfect bike-riding vision that included all the bells and whistles. She just got on her bike.

Tamara loves it so much! Her bike ride energizes her for the whole day. Tamara really notices a difference on the day when she doesn’t ride. That’s when she needs a cup of coffee.

stop-waiting-for-perfectWhat a great reminder that when we let go of needing things and circumstances to be perfect we can have a lot more fun!

Just like Tamara, you too may think that you don’t have all the right pieces in place. Or perhaps you think that circumstances need to change before you can do what you truly want. Here’s how to stop waiting for the perfect circumstances and start doing what you truly want today:

Notice what you have put ‘on hold’ in your life and career

What are some of the things you really want to do but have been putting off, because you don’t feel quite ready? Write them down. Here are some examples of how we typically limit ourselves. It’s how we justify putting things on hold.

  • When the kids are out of the home, I can begin thinking about what I really want to do with my career.
  • I will take a dance class when I have lost the extra 10 pounds.
  • While I am caring for my aging parent, I can’t go out with my friends.
  • Before I can plant a garden, I need to own a house first.

barefoot-fun-perfectFrom the list of things that are currently ‘on hold’ in your life, circle the one thing that excites you the most.

The one that gives you a boost, even when you are just thinking about it. This is probably also the thing you would most regret, if you didn’t do it.

Forget About Perfect and Begin Your Fun Project Today

Often, we get so bogged down with all the things that need to happen first that we forget to ask the essential question: “How can I begin today?”  Take a moment to ask yourself this question. Listen to your own answer. Then, most importantly, act on your answer. Get into action, now!

perfect-follow-your-dream“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” – Goethe

Enjoy the feeling of empowerment that comes from following your innate desire. If you are still feeling some reservation about launching your fun project, remember Tamara’s story.  Tap into the maxim of ‘fun is better than perfect.’

And while you are having ‘imperfect’ fun, take a picture and post it on social media along with a link to this blog post. Thank you for encouraging your friends to stop waiting for the perfect time or circumstances and to join you in having more fun.

How ‘Fun is Better than Perfect’ Helps Find Career Clarity

fun-is-better-than-perfect-laughterFirst and foremost, each time you seek fun and playfulness rather than perfection, you are going to feel a boost of energy. Remember, Tamara doesn’t need her cup of coffee when she rides her bike to work. This energy is available for you to take steps towards finding your fulfilling career.

Second, the career that is right for you will feel like a lot of fun, it often doesn’t feel like work at all. So, the more fun things you do, the more you will discover how to transfer these playful activities in your professional life, creating the career that energizes and inspires you.

fun-is-better-than-perfect-productivityLast but not least, fun and play at work increase your productivity and creativity. Innovative companies, such as Google, provide play-stations to their employees for a reason. The more you let go of perfect and embrace fun instead, the more creative and productive you are going to be at work.