How can you stay focused on your career clarity journey, when so many distractions are vying for your attention? One of my career coaching clients, let’s call him Tom, is in the midst of building his consulting business that he is very passionate about.

However, he often gets distracted by day dreams about becoming a farmer. His longing to go back to the land distracts him from pursuing his current venture whole-heartedly. As an example of how you can turn your distracting day dream into a guide that helps you stay focused, here’s how Tom did it.

stay-focused-farming-dreamTom’s farming fantasy always arises when the going gets tough around the development of his consulting business. It seems to be an escape and a distraction. During a coaching session we explored his longing to start a farm.

Tom discovered that he feels connected to people and to his purpose in his day dream. He feels directly connected to the results of his work and knows exactly what to do next. Tom realized that these elements (connection to people, purpose and knowing what’s next) seem out of reach at this stage of his consulting business.

I asked Tom: “What would help you feel connected in your consulting business?” As he contemplated this question, many ideas emerged. Here are just a few of the ideas that popped for Tom:

  • moving his business into a shared space,
  • finding people to collaborate with on consulting projects, and
  • starting his day with a meditation practice.

Tom recognized that when he taps into the essence of his farming day dream, his longing for connection, he receives guidance on how to feel more connected in his current venture.

stay-focused-essence-connectionHe chose to act on the idea he felt most inspired by and moved into a shared business hub. He now feels a lot more connected and that helps him stay focused on building his consulting business.

Tom no longer feels the need to push his farming dream aside as a distraction. When the farming fantasy arises, he simply takes it as a signal to ask himself: “What would help me feel more connected right now?” He then listens to his intuition. Most importantly, he acts on his answers.

Here’s How You too Can Stay Focused on Your Career Clarity Journey:

  1. What distracts you most from moving forward on your career clarity journey? (write it down)
  2. Focus on the feelings this distraction evokes in you. The essence of Tom’s farming fantasy is ‘feeling connected.’ What’s the essence of your distraction?
  3. Ask yourself: “How could the essence of my distraction help me stay focused on moving forward on my career clarity journey?”
  4. Take some quality time aside to brainstorm answers to your questions.
  5. Chose the answer you want to turn into action right away. Then, most importantly take action!

Want an unbiased sounding board to help you stay focused as you create a career that energizes and inspires you? Just like Tom, you don’t have to do this alone. Request your free career clarity consultation today. I look forward to witnessing your positive career transformation.