Why do so many people feel drained and frustrated at work in spite of building their careers on their so-called strengths? A strength is often mistakenly seen as something that you are good at. However, a true strength has two parts to it. It’s something that energizes you AND that you are good at. Unfortunately, we tend to consider activities that energize us merely as hobbies. Learn how to recognize and apply your true strengths. It’s a crucial, transformational step on your journey to career clarity.

Notice What Comes Easy to You

Your true strengths are activities that energize you and come easy to you. Maybe strengths should be called ‘eases’ instead? Often our strengths are so innately who we are, that we can’t help but engage in these activities. We tend to take our strengths for granted and don’t think they are worth paying attention to. We are prone to believe that what comes easily and effortlessly must not be special or noteworthy.

When looking for strengths most of us look for something earth shattering, exotic, or extraordinary. Meanwhile we easily overlook our natural talents, because they seem so normal to us.


Kim (not her real name), told me during her first coaching session, how much fun she had helping her friends with the operations of their coffee shop. When I acknowledged her organizational strength, she quickly brushed it off. “I just did this as a favour and because it was fun.” Kim didn’t think of it as a strength and didn’t see it as career material either. “Who would pay me to do this kind of work, anyways?”

What do you enjoy so much that you don’t consider it work? How can your ‘eases’ guide you on your career clarity journey? Before you continue reading, take a moment to reflect on these questions and jot down your own answers.

Learn to Embrace Your True Strengths

A few weeks into coaching, Kim ordered a book I had recommended at one of the major bookstores in her city. A couple of days later, she received a call from the bookstore, telling her that her book was ready for pick-up. When Kim arrived at the bookstore, strangely, the clerk couldn’t find the book she had ordered in the storage room. Kim told me this story in disbelief. “How can they be so disorganized? How can they stay in business?” she wondered. “It sounds like they could use your help, Kim!” I responded.

strengths-warming-upThis coaching conversation marked the beginning of Kim ‘warming up’ to her innate strengths. She eventually got excited about the possibility of getting paid doing what comes easily and naturally to her.

Kim now works as operations manager of a large publishing house, combining her love for books and her innate strengths of streamlining and improving operations. When reflecting on her career clarity journey, Kim said “Recognizing my strengths was the most important thing. It changed my life!”

What activities come easy to you? Wouldn’t it be great to find a way to turn these activities into your livelihood? Just like Kim, you can!

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