We tend to be so problem focused that we often don’t pay attention to our success. When we take note of what is working well in our lives, we can use the insights we gain to make positive changes in the aspects of our lives that feel stuck and unfulfilled. Here’s how one of my career coaching clients, let’s call her Liz, did exactly this beautifully and successfully.

success-stuckWhen Liz picked up the phone for her coaching session, I could immediately sense how frustrated she was. “I just don’t seem to be able to move forward in my career. I am still stuck in this job I hate. I am not making any progress towards launching the business I really want to create.”

After listening to her for a while, I asked what was going well in her life right now. At first she was a bit puzzled about my question.

A few seconds later, I could sense her face light up with joy on the other end of the phone line. She shared how happy and proud she was about her health and fitness. I could hear excitement in her voice. I congratulated Liz on her tremendous success in an area of life that so many people struggle with.

success-fitnessThen, together we investigated what she was doing right. What exactly was contributing to her success and fulfillment in health and fitness? Liz said that she always sets clear goals and knows what to do to reach these goals. It feels easy. She also acknowledged that health and fitness are integral parts of her daily routine.

Then Liz chuckled as she admitted “even when I mess up, I don’t worry about it. I simply get back on track.” When it comes to health and fitness, Liz trusts herself. She treats herself with respect and kindness, while also applying herself with full commitment.

“How might you transfer your success in health and fitness to the career change you desire?” I asked.

After a prolonged pause, Liz said, “I need to set clear goals and create a daily routine to achieve these goals.”

“What would be an inspiring career goal for you, Liz?” I inquired. Liz thought for a moment before she said with confidence: “By my 40th birthday I have launched my business and quit my day-job.”

We spent the remainder of the coaching conversation designing daily routines to support her in achieving her ambitious career goal.

success-celebrationA few months later, Liz celebrated her 40th birthday, the launch of her business and the freedom from her dreaded day-job with one big party.

Leading up to her birthday, she continuously drew on her success in health and fitness to achieve her career goals. Whenever she skipped her daily ‘freedom routine’ as Liz called it, she didn’t judge herself, but rather picked it up again with rigor the next day.

How To Build On Success to Empower Positive Career Transformation

  1. First, ask yourself: “What’s going well in my life?” Think of your friendships, family, love relationship, health, fitness, spirituality, a hobby or a volunteer job that’s going well for you.
  2. Then ask yourself: “What specifically do I do in this part of my life that makes it a success?” Be as detailed and specific as possible about what you are doing well and how you treat yourself.
  3. Third, ask yourself: “How can I apply this strategy to creating the career change I long for?”
  4. Last and most importantly act on your own guidance.

Want support and accountability on your career transformation adventure? Just like Liz, you don’t have to do this alone. Request your free career clarity consultation now.