Are you at a crossroad with your career? Do you want to pivot in a new career direction? You may be excited about the possibilities. Perhaps you are feeling a bit overwhelmed. No matter what kinds of emotions you experience as you consider a career change, you are not alone! Most of my career coaching clients experience a range of emotions on their journey to career clarity. To help you shed some light on what truly matters for you, I invite you to consider 5 types of salary. 

Financial Salary

The most obvious salary is of course the pay cheque you receive or the revenue you generate. However, what most people don’t realize is that the actual amount of money you earn is less important than the feelings it evokes. What salary range would feel like a fair and generous compensation for the contribution you would like to make? How much money would make you feel valued and appreciated? Take some quality time to ponder these questions and notice what kind of financial salary you would like to earn. Write down your insights.

Freedom & Flexibility

Most people want an element of freedom at work. Who truly enjoys being micro-managed? I haven’t met a single person yet. However, the degree of freedom you crave may greatly vary depending on your unique strengths and values. What kind of flexibility motivates you? How much choice would you like about when and where you work? Do you want to be free to find your own approach to accomplish your work, or do you prefer guidance and structure? Would you prefer to work independently or collaboratively? Notice what kind of freedom salary would feel great for YOU.

Connection & Community

What’s less obvious is that most of us also long for social connections and a sense of community at work. What kinds of experiences do you long to share with the people you work with? How do you want to feel connected with the people you work with? What kind of fun times do you want to experience with your colleagues? How do you want to be there for each other in times of hardship or difficulty? What would help you feel at ease with the people you work with? What would make your workplace a safe place, where you can show up authentically? Let yourself journal these questions. What insights do you gain about the connection salary that’s right for YOU?


Growth Salary

Most people want to grow and learn at work. Without ongoing learning and opportunities for growth, we tend to feel stagnant, bored, disengaged and even drained. What kind of learning opportunities do you long for? In what ways do you like to be challenged? What kinds of settings facilitate growth and learning for you? What makes it safe for you to grow and learn at work? Give yourself some quality time to contemplate these questions. Take them with you on a walk and appreciate what arises for you. Jot down your new perspectives and understandings.


Purpose & Contribution

Most of us long to make a meaningful difference with the work we do. What kind of difference is most purposeful for YOU? Consider the scale of your positive contribution. Do you want to impact positive change in your community, city, country or even globally? What kinds of problems would you like to help solve? Which kinds of solutions would you most want to contribute to? What kind of legacy do you long to leave behind? Let yourself ponder these questions and jot down your initial responses.


Next Steps

These 5 salary types raise big questions. You may not know your answers to these questions, yet. For now, allow yourself to contemplate the questions that most resonate with you. You don’t have to figure this out alone, I am right here to support you on your career clarity quest.