Are work frustrations zapping your energy? You are not alone! Anger and frustrations stewing inside can make you feel drained. It can even make you sick over time. However, channeled wisely, work frustrations can help you move towards a career path that energizes and inspires YOU.

Get in Touch with Your Work Frustrations

The first step towards positive transformation is to become aware of your anger and frustrations. My client, let’s call her Sandy, brought her work frustrations to her coaching call. “I feel resentment, anger and even hatred towards my boss, and I think it shows a bit. I’ve never felt this strongly towards anyone. I’m not sure how much longer I can stand to be in this job.” How about YOU? What frustrates you most at work? Office politics, poorly led meetings, ineffective processes, strained relationships, and unfair treatment are common sources of work frustrations. Take a moment to notice what frustrates you most at work and write it down.


Notice the Impact on Your Body

I thanked Sandy for bringing her work frustrations to the call and invited her to notice the impact of her anger on her body. Sandy felt a tightening around her torso. She also felt slightly nauseous, and noticed a rush of energy. Take a moment now to tune into your body as you are thinking about your own work frustrations. What are you sensing in your body? Take note of your sensations.

Appreciate Your Body’s Wisdom

I appreciated Sandy’s awareness and encouraged her to stay with these uncomfortable sensations for a moment. “Consider your body’s wisdom. Ask what your body wants you to do, Sandy?” Sandy realized that her body wanted her to speak up, but immediately recognized that confronting her boss may not be a smart move. Before you read any further, check in with your body. Ask what your body wants you to do. Just like Sandy, you may feel hesitant to follow your body’s lead. 

Let Your Body Speak in a Safe Setting

I congratulated Sandy for noticing her body’s call to action. “Would you be open to experiment with letting your body speak to your boss in the safety of this coaching session, Sandy?” Sandy was game and launched into a rant directed towards her boss. After she finished, I thanked Sandy for speaking her truth in such a powerful way and asked what she noticed in her body now. “I feel clearer, looser, calmer inside. It’s as if a weight lifted off my shoulders.”

Just like Sandy, let your body express anger in a safe setting, such as in the comfort of your home, or in your parked car. In case you’re not sensing a clear request from your body, you may experiment with punching a pillow, screaming into a wet towel, or dancing in your living room. As you begin to express, continue to tune into your body and let your body release work frustrations in a safe setting.

Design Daily Ritual to Release Work Frustrations in Safe Ways

Together we celebrated the amazing shift that occurred for Sandy as she followed her body’s guidance. “But I still don’t think it would be a good idea to confront my boss in this way.” Sandy shared. “Good to notice! How could you give your body airtime in safe ways, Sandy?” I asked. “I guess I could vent with some of my trusted colleagues, but I’ve already been doing that and it doesn’t seem to help.”

I invited Sandy to tune into her body again and notice when, where and how her body wanted to ‘speak up’ during her workday. As Sandy tuned in, she noticed that her body naturally began to shake. I encouraged her to let that happen. Sandy was delighted as she realized that her body’s shaking brought about the same desired effect as her rant. Once again she felt clearer, looser and calmer. Sandy decided to let her body shake, each time she used the washroom throughout her workday.


How about YOU? How would you like to release your frustrations in safe ways throughout your workday?

Use Your Fuel for Progress

During her next coaching session, Sandy shared that she had followed through with her washroom body shaking ritual to release her work frustrations. Since she started this experiment, she noticed that she had a lot more energy left by the end of the day. “I now exercise every evening, which is something I have been struggling with for a long time. By the end of the week, I have energy left to enjoy my weekend and focus on where I want to go with my career, rather than feeling stuck in my job.”


How about YOU? How do you want to channel the energy that you’ll free up? Just like Sandy, you don’t have to do this transformational work alone. I am here to support you every step of the way.