What kinds of questions circle through your mind as you search for a career that energizes and inspires you? It’s worth paying attention to the quality of your questions. As Anthony Robbins put it so well: “Quality questions create a quality life.” However, coming up with quality questions can seem illusive, especially when you are feeling a sense of urgency. Here are five fun steps to create powerful questions that lead to career clarity.

1st Step Let Your Questions Flow

Take a few moments to jot down questions that are on your mind in regards to your career quest. What questions keep you up at night? Which questions haunt you as you browse job postings? What do you ask yourself repeatedly as you go about your work day? Write all your questions down. 

If you are drawing a blank, don’t despair. Go for a walk, let your mind wander and jot down questions that arise, even those that don’t seem career related. Putting words on paper, or typing them into your device, allows your brain to relax and release the tight grip urgent questions can have on your consciousness.

Take a moment to enjoy the space you created in your mind. As you do, further questions may arise. Add those to your record, too.

2nd Step Transform Your Questions

Now, from your list, select questions that can only be answered with YES or NO. These are close-ended questions that rarely generate many new insights. Here are a few common examples of close-ended questions:

  • Do I have what it takes to start my own business?
  • Am I qualified enough for this job?
  • Is this career path going to make me happy?

Now that you’ve selected your own close-ended questions, take some quality time to transform them into open-ended questions. Open-ended questions start with “what”, “how”, “when”, “where”, or “why” and cannot be answered with YES or NO. I encourage you to focus on generating questions that begin with “what” and “how”, as these two words tend to generate the most powerful questions. 


Here are open-ended questions derived from the close-ended questions I mentioned earlier:

Over to you, transform your close-ended questions into open-ended, powerful questions, now!

3rd Step Group Your Questions into Meaningful Categories

Once you have only open-ended, powerful question on your sheet of paper, take another look and group your questions into distinct categories of vision, planning and challenges. 

Some of your questions may focus on your vision. Visionary questions get you to dream bigger, consider the longer view, ponder your ideals. Here are a couple of visionary questions to give you a sense of what visionary questions may sound like:

  • What kind of difference do I want to make?
  • What inspires and energizes me?

Underline all your visionary and solution-oriented questions with green.

Other questions may lead you to focus on details and planning and can generate action steps. Here are a couple of planning questions to help you recognize your own planning questions:

  • What are my priorities? 
  • Which step can I take right now?

Mark your planning focused questions with blue.

Yet other questions may lead you to focus on challenges. Problem focused questions tend to get you to analyze the past and focus on what’s wrong. They are rarely powerful and often prevent forward movement. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Why can’t I figure out which career is right for me?
  • Why didn’t I finish my college education?

Underline all your own challenge-focused questions with red.

4th Step Choose Your Powerful Questions

Now that you’ve shaped your questions, ask yourself: “Which of these categories would be most powerful for the stage I’m in with my career quest?”

If you are just beginning to contemplate a career change, you may wish to focus on visionary questions. If you are close to deciding or applying for a specific job, planning questions may help you generate tangible action steps.

I encourage you to select one powerful question to focus on this week, so that you can really dive deep into receiving insights.

5th Step Contemplate Your Powerful Question & Generate Insights

Every day, give yourself a little bit of quality time to ponder your chosen question. Journal about it, take your question on a walk, an easy drive, a run, and even into the shower or bathtub. You may also wish to read your chosen question before falling asleep or meditating. You will generate the most interesting insights, if you give yourself to your question when you are in a relaxed state.


Each time you contemplate your chosen powerful question, capture your insights. By the end of the week, take some quality time to review your insights. Most importantly act on your precious insights! 

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