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As a motivational speaker, I speak at:




check_mark_2professional associations’ events

check_mark_2corporate training sessions

check_mark_2non-profit organizations’ events

Speaking topics include

Learn stress-busting, performance-boosting Mini-Retreat techniques that will help you meet challenges and stressful situations with calm, centered energy.
You will be inspired to:

logo_bullet Recharge quickly no matter where you are and how busy your schedule.
logo_bullet Create a supportive environment for you and your team to thrive.
logo_bullet Commit to tangible action steps and reap positive results for months and years to come.

Walk away empowered and equipped with tools to build the foundation for sustainable success!

"When Julia James delivered her key note presentation How to Bust Stress & Boost Your Confidence with Mini-Retreats to a full audience of 78 business women at Westshore Women’s Business Network in January 2015, she captivated them with her personal story.

Julia is very engaging, well spoken, highly educated and provides tangible solutions to her audience. The business women left feeling inspired and empowered.

I highly recommend Julia James as a speaker for your workplace, organization or conference."

Deb Alcadinho
Founder and Director, Westshore Women’s Business Network, Victoria BC

This inspiring presentation shows you how to blaze the trail to your fulfilling career.
Learn how to:

logo_bullet Shift your career search from outward to inward.
logo_bullet Embrace your weaknesses and access your strengths.
logo_bullet Move forward swiftly, by releasing your fears.

Walk away empowered and with tangible tools to find your calling.

“I found the experience positive as it created time and space for introspection and focused on the revelation of strengths. Julia created a very safe environment which inspired confidence, hope and enthusiasm.”

Jenny Feick

In this fun, interactive presentation you will learn how to:

logo_bullet Say goodbye to time-wasters.
logo_bullet Turn mountains into molehills.
logo_bullet Make time for what matters most.

Equipped with this bag of tricks, effectively managing your time will get easy and effortless. Walk away empowered and inspired to take charge of your time, your energy and your life.

Looking for something different? Contact me today and I will customize a session for the specific needs of your organization or conference.

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I have inspired people, speaking at conventions and organizations, including these:


Meeting Planner’s Frequently Asked Questions

logo_bullet If you would like to hire me, and have questions about your professional investment, please call me at 778-433-5558.

logo_bullet A 50% deposit and a signed program agreement will secure your date.

logo_bullet The balance of your professional investment is due on the date of the presentation. Any incidental expenses (such as shuttle or cab fare) plus other travel will be billed immediately following the presentation and will be due within 30 days.

logo_bullet I will clearly discuss expenses with you, and will not incur any that are unnecessary. I endeavor to keep all costs to a reasonable minimum.

logo_bullet Meeting planners who provide and manage book and CD sales ($20 each) receive 40% of the gross revenue.

logo_bullet I typically make my own airline reservations, but will work with your travel agent if you prefer.

logo_bullet Usually you will make the hotel arrangement. A non-smoking, guaranteed for late arrival room is preferred.

logo_bullet If your event is in NW Washington State or Southern BC, I will probably drive to your event. The mileage rate is $0.47 per km (or $0.67 per mile).

logo_bullet You may choose how you want me to get from your local airport to the hotel/venue where your event will be held. Shuttle cars, cab, rental car and pick-up are all options. I will need to be reimbursed for any amount spent on ground transportation.

A cordless lapel mic is my first choice, so I can move around and better interact with the audience. A hand-held cordless microphone with mic stand is the second choice. The last is a corded handheld microphone. If you choose the third option please make sure it has a long cord so I can move around, and of course always ensure there is a mic stand.

I don’t speak behind a lectern. A podium or riser in a large room will help your audience’s line of sight. Please make sure the audience is at a close distance to the speaker and that people sit close together (not scattered around the room), as this will create more intimacy, interaction and better learning.

I prefer to use flip charts over slide presentations. I prefer stronger lighting. Since I like to act out stories, it’s best if there is good lighting on me. Because I like the audience to interact with each other, please ensure there is sufficient lighting in the audience.

Arrangement of the room:
Please let me know ahead of time what kind of seating arrangement you prefer. If you grant permission for products to be sold, a 6-8 foot table is also required at the front of the meeting room. It is appreciated if the host would announce that learning resources are available immediately following my presentation.

You will receive a copy of my introduction prior to the event. I will bring an extra copy with me. Please assign someone who is comfortable in front of an audience to give the introduction. It is helpful if I can have a moment or two with that person prior to the presentation.

Resource handouts:
I will send you masters of the resource handout 15-30 days prior to the event.

A/V person:
Please arrange with the A/V or logistics organizer for the meeting to deal directly with me so that I may ensure the room is set up in a way that will make my presentation go as successfully as possible.

check_mark_2 A FREE monthly e-zine, SPARK* packed with inspiration on how to lead a happier, healthier life, is available for any attendee who signs up.

check_mark_2 A lengthy list of resources, books and web sites that I have used in my research or speak about in my programs will be offered to your audience members upon request.

check_mark_2 FREE articles that I have authored are available for free downloads on this web site, for your publications or personal use. I would also love to write an article especially for your group, to publish prior to or following my presentation.

Go to the products page to get my award-winning book, The Mini-Retreat Solution and  audio CD series Guided Mini-Retreats for Busy People that members of your group can use to improve their effectiveness, health and happiness.

Meeting planners who provide and manage book and CD sales ($20 each) receive 40% of the gross revenue.

book motivational speaker