Shift your thinking to experience life from a fresh perspective!

Shift your thinking to experience life from a fresh perspective!

I fasted for a few days last spring. It was an amazing experience of slowing down and becoming more sensitive. While I wasn’t eating food, I felt nourished in so many ways by the smells and sights of spring all around: the fine scent of the cherry blossom, the beauty of the fresh green leaves emerging everywhere. I was experiencing life from a fresh perspective. When I broke my fast with an apple, the taste was indescribably wonderful, juicy, sweet and tart. It felt as if I was eating an apple for the very first time in my life.

Today I invite you to experience a fresh perspective on any challenge you might be facing – not by fasting, but by engaging in a fun Mini-Retreat:

  1. Notice a thought that is on your mind, maybe an issue you need to deal with, a relationship that needs your attention or a project that seems to drag on forever. Take a moment to write this issue down and let it go for now as you put the piece of paper aside.
  2. Look around in the room and pick up an ordinary object such as a paper clip, a stapler, a pen, a book, or a pair of scissors. In the daily grind of life we tend to assume we know and understand the world around us. With the object in your hand, imagine you didn’t know what this object was. Imagine you were an alien, who just descended to Earth and this object was completely novel to you.
  3. Take a moment to feel the texture and shape. Notice the temperature. Turn the object upside down.
  4. Come up with as many uses for this object as you can. Once you have exhausted your own imagination, imagine a three-year-old looking at this object. This will help you come up with a few more fresh perspectives of what this thing might be used for.
  5. Now, take the piece of paper with your issue and read it with a fresh perspective.
    What might you do, if you didn’t know anything about it?
    What ideas emerge when you look at it with fresh eyes?
    What are the possibilities you discover from this fresh perspective?
  6. Take note all your new insights and act on the one that intrigues you most.

Enjoy your fresh perspective and the clarity and focus that comes from shifting your thinking!

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