We easily get trapped in comparing ourselves to other people. Either we see them above or below ourselves. When we engage in this type of comparison, we often don’t realize that we are comparing our feelings, thoughts and beliefs, essentially our inside with the outward appearance of another person. You will never be able to see yourself from the outside. Neither will you be able to experience the other person from the inside, feel their feelings, think their thoughts, and believe their beliefs. Here’s how to let go of comparison so that you can stand confidently in who you are and appreciate others for who they are.

As you let go of comparison, you begin to appreciate each person for who they are, including yourself.

As you let go of comparison, you begin to appreciate each person (yourself included) for who they are.

When you are comparing yourself to another it is always an unfair comparison. Think of a water melon for a moment. The outside of a water melon is hard, shiny and green, the inside is soft, juicy and pink. Would you compare the hard and shiny surface of one water melon with the juicy, soft flesh of another water melon and conclude that one is better or worse than the other? My guess is, you wouldn’t. However, all too often we engage in this unfair comparison between ourselves and other people.

When you are stuck in comparison and judgement, you cannot truly connect with another person. You have either put the other person on a pedestal and are looking up to them, or you have put yourself up on the pedestal and are looking down on the other. True connection is only possible when let go of comparison. I encourage to let go of comparison, remove the pedestal and fully appreciate that we are all unique individuals. We are all doing the best we can working with our unique strengths and weaknesses.

Steps to let go of comparison:

  1. Admit to yourself that you simply cannot know all of the variables and therefore you cannot make a fair comparison between yourself and another person.
  2. Now look at yourself with curiosity. What are some of your unique qualities? There is of course always more to discover. Stay curious and continue getting to know the amazing person you are.
  3. Then look at the other person (the one with whom you were comparing yourself) with curiosity. What are some of her/his unique qualities? Stay curious and enjoy learning more about her/him. There is always more to discover.
  4. As you let go of comparison, relax and enjoy the infinite adventure and discovery of this new perspective.

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