Today, I want to share one of my favourite companions for relaxation with you: my eye-pillow!

  • Falling asleep with my eye-pillow placed on my eyes is just wonderful! It helps me release any tension from the day and get sound and peaceful sleep throughout the night.
  • On my travels, it makes getting good sleep in unfamiliar environments that much easier.
  • My afternoon power-nap is even more relaxing and energizing, if I put my eye-pillow. It helps me fall asleep in plain daylight within minutes. 15 minutes later I awake with renewed energy.
  • My little companion helps me when engaging in one of the stress relief techniques I call Mini-Retreats that involves visualization. Such as the mini-vacation, where you let your mind visit a beautiful, restoring, relaxing place.  Also the Mini-Retreat “rise above”, where you imagine flying up above your life’s current challenges as if you were an eagle and looking at your life from this perspective.
  • My eye-pillow lets me focus much easier on stress relief techniques such as “body scan and tension release”, “autogenic breathing” or “progressive muscle relaxation,” which makes the stress relief technique even more effective.

Yesterday I went to the dentist for a cleaning and brought my eye-pillow with me. The hygienist was surprised but happy to see me use it and take care of myself. I have very sensitive teeth and even a simple cleaning involves a fair amount of pain. The body’s instinctive response to pain is to tense up. Having my eye-pillow on my eyes, helped me to get back to relaxation quickly, each time she polished a sensitive area. I also enjoyed not being blinded by the bright light. The eye-pillow served well as protection for my eyes, so I didn’t have to wear the uncomfortable safety glasses.

I am sure there are many more situations where my little companion could come in handy. If you have discovered other uses for your eye-pillow, please share a comment on my blog.

If your mind works stress-relieflike mine, you want to know why.

Why is this little pillow such and effective stress relief companion for body and mind?

Your eyes are intricately connected with your nervous system. The eye-pillow offers your eyes instant stress relief through its cooling effect, its comfortable weight and the complete darkness it provides no matter where you are: in the airport-terminal, in the office or at home. When your eyes relax, your nervous system relaxes, too.

That’s why my little companion travels alongside me, wherever I go and accompanies me for many of the Mini-Retreats I take.