Saturday, February 2nd was the big day. It was -16 degrees Celsius (3 degrees Fahrenheit), with sunny, blue skies and almost no wind. Perfect conditions for my first marathon! While I was getting into a rhythm, all of the tips from my trainer, Georgia, came to mind. I felt like she was skiing right there with me, telling me the cues: “Pop!”, “Fly!”, “Up!” Amazing what you can learn in only 4 ski lessons! There were times throughout the race when my legs felt weak and my body tired, and in those moments all of your encouraging messages came back to me and helped me to push through.

I completed the 30km Cariboo X-country ski marathon in 4 hours, 5 minutes and 30 seconds! Crossing the finish line was definitely one of the happiest moments in my life so far.

Thank you so much for all your support along the way!

At your request, I am going to keep the donation site up until February 24th. We are at $970 – help me reach $1500 for the charities that have most touched my