What a rewarding experience to once again raise funds for The Power of Hope!

I am especially pleased to see more and more corporate team leaders choose The Mini-Retreat Solution as a gift for their team members. The gift of Mini-Retreats provides a much longer lasting experience than a box of chocolate or a bottle of wine ever could. It also shows that more and more leaders care about their employees well-being and self-care.

The total amount raised through book sales and one Mini-Retreat home party added up to $664.50!

Relaxing for Youth Empowerment - Fundraiser for The Power of Hope ....Youth arriving at camp

Relaxing for Youth Empowerment – Fundraiser for The Power of Hope ….Youth arriving at camp

For a little while I was disappointed that I didn’t reach my goal of supporting three youth from low income families to go to camp this summer. However, quickly I chose to focus on the amount that was raised, rather than the amount that was “missing” to reach my goal. I remembered that every dollar counts and that even a scholarship for one youth will make a powerful difference. If one youth finds their way to a more empowering, fulfilling future thanks to the funds raised, this fundraiser has been a huge success!

Not to mention the positive difference Mini-Retreats are making in the lives of all the readers who participated in workshops and bought a copy of The Mini-Retreat Solution.

“As a woman in my early sixties, I am at the point in my life where we all experience losses. This year, my mother passed away. We had a wonderful relationship; I miss her. Along with the grieving come changes in how we cope with the usual stresses of life and I have found this difficult. The Mini-Retreat seminar was like a breath of fresh air opening up the “anxiety box” that sometimes envelopes me. It is freeing to take these moments and recharge with positive, calming energy. Thank you for these insights.” Teresa Balser

To learn more about The Power of Hope and to make a direct donation, please visit: www.powerofhope.org