Recognize the Warning Signs of Stress & Overload

We can be very good at ignoring our health, right up to the point of breakdown. When people get diagnosed with serious illnesses, their condition often seems to come as a complete surprise.

Long before a health crisis erupts, there are usually warning signs that we’re out of balance. When we pay attention to these, we can take preventative action to avoid a major health problem.

Take the following quiz to gauge the level of stress in your life and how you tend to cope.

***Answer all 30 questions with either YES or NO

Do You Frequently:

Feel bogged down by your to-do list?

Try to do everything yourself?

Feel pain?

Feel anxious?

Take painkillers and/or antidepressants?

Skip a meal?

Blow up?

Fail to see humor in situations that others find funny?

Have difficulty making decisions?

Feel overwhelmed or scattered?

Neglect exercise?

Neglect self-care?

Neglect relationships?

Have difficulty falling asleep?

Feel pressure to meet other people’s expectations?

Eat out because you have no time to shop for groceries and cook?



Find it challenging to focus on one task or conversation?

Forget important things?

Fail to participate in family activities?

Feel disorganized?

Use sleeping pills and/or tranquilizers?

Use caffeine and/or sugar to gain energy and overcome tiredness?

Have a drink (or several) after work to help you relax?

Feel alone with your challenges?

Race through your day?

Think about the past with regret?

Think about the future with worry?


You have finished the quiz.

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Source: Adapted from the Canadian Mental Health Association website

**Your answers are not recorded or viewed by anyone.  You are the only one that will see your Stress Quiz results.