Would you like to reduce stress, increase productivity and develop peace of mind? You can, and it won’t take a weekend at the spa or a trip to the mountains to do so. In fact, you can get there in just minutes a day. In the shower. In your car. Walking to the copier. Or a simple deep breath at your desk. It’s that easy. In The Mini-Retreat Solution, Julia James, Certified Life Coach and member of the International Coach Federation, gives you over 80 proven ways to refresh your energy, and weave moments of deep relaxation into your daily life, no matter how busy you are. With techniques Julia has used for years in her coaching practice, you’ll learn to · Improve your health, performance & happiness · Completely relax and refresh, no matter where you are · Create a supportive environment for a more relaxed way of life “If you’re marching toward anxiety and burnout, Julia James offers some wise advice: Retreat! A 60-second Mini-Retreat can spell the difference between stress and success!” – Phil Bolsta, author of Sixty Seconds – One Moment Changes Everything The Mini-Retreat Solution is a simple, practical approach you can build into your busy life. And when you do a Mini-Retreat, you’ll see the enormous benefits that come from such a small investment of time.