With over 80 different ways to relax yourself and refresh your energy, The Mini-Retreat Solution will show you how to weave moments of deep relaxation into your daily life – no matter how busy you are.

Back in the days when I worked in a very busy office, I noticed that my greatest ideas occurred during short pauses, such as on the way to the washroom, in my otherwise frenetic workday. Once I recognized the connection between short relaxation breaks and the quality of my day, I committed to take regular relaxation breaks during my stressful work day. I called them “Mini-Retreats,” because they are delightful treats without the extra calories.

Most of my clients work in very similar work environments to the one I left behind. Encouragement for self-care and stress-relief is therefore an integral part of my life and career coaching style. The positive transformations I witness in my clients and the desire to share the stress-busting, confidence-boosting gift of Mini-Retreats with a larger audience, inspired me to write the award-winning book, The Mini-Retreat Solution.

The Mini-Retreat Solution, Triple Gold-Medal Award Winner of:

logo_bullet Living Now Book Awards 2010 (category: meditation/relaxation)

logo_bullet Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2010 (category: self-help)

logo_bullet Mom’s Choice Awards

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