For many people the beginning of the year is a time of New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately most New Year’s resolutions are broken within the first couple of days or months of the New Year. When we resolve to do things differently in the New Year, we focus on things that are amiss in our lives and overlook the things that are working well already. I encourage you to let go of your New Year’s resolutions and try something new.

Take the stress out of New Year's resolutions!

Take the stress out of New Year’s resolutions!

Why not take a fresh approach to planning your year this January?

Let’s begin by remembering what worked well in 2012. As you reflect on the past year, answer the following questions for yourself in writing:

  1. What am I most grateful for?
  2. What activities stand out in my memory as most rewarding and energizing?
  3. What brought me most joy in 2012?
  4. In which ways did I take good care of myself in the past year?
  5. What inspired me most in 2012?


  • Take a moment to read your answers and notice the general theme.
  • Give the theme of the most positive part of your life in 2012 a name as if it was a movie or book.
  • How can you carry this positive theme over to 2013? How can you amplify it this year?
  • What small steps can you take to infiltrate the positive theme into areas of your life that felt stale or unfulfilled in 2012?

Remember that small consistent steps will reap better results than one big leap.

As you say farewell to New Year’s resolutions you welcome appreciation and gratitude. Have fun creating more positivity in the New Year!

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