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What exactly is CAREER CLARITY?

It is a well-paced 8 week group career coaching program, designed to help you create and follow your unique path to career fulfillment. We will meet by tele-conference every Tuesday between May 6 and June 24, 2014.

Your learning will be structured around five core elements:

Claim your purpose
Live your values
Envision your ideal career
Access your strengths
Release your fears

On this exciting exploration, I will guide you with practical tools and insights gained from 10 years of coaching people through career transitions.


If you want a career that energizes and inspires you, If you want to make a meaningful contribution, If you want to find a way to show up fully in your work, …then CAREER CLARITY is for YOU! It doesn’t matter whether you have a day job or a night job or you can only dedicate a few hours per week towards getting clear on your ideal career. It is the commitment to create a career path you love that matters most. While it doesn’t matter how frustrated and unhappy you currently feel in your job, it does matter what you believe. This program is for you, if deep down you believe that you can create a fulfilling career with the right support, focus and commitment.

How does CAREER CLARITY work?

Throughout the 8 weeks of group career coaching,

  • we meet by tele-conference once a week. Each call is an hour long and all calls are recorded. If you can’t be there live on the call, you get to listen and learn on your own time.
  • insight and aspiration track sheets accompany each call.
  • a supportive community of people on the same exciting journey surrounds you.

CAREER CLARITY is a program that I truly believe will transform your career and your life forever. I welcome the chance to help you get CLEAR on the career that’s right for you. The world really needs the contributions only you can make. So, click here and I will see you inside the program.

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