Victoria, BC Canada
"My wife and I made a decision over 10 years ago that I would stay home with our two boys. So, when I decided to focus on returning to work, I felt apprehensive and unsure of what I wanted to do. Who is going to hire a guy who has been out of the game for so long? Julia helped me to believe in myself again and that I do bring a tremendous set of skills.She has warmth and a genuine interest that helps influence forward progress right from the first phone call. Even though I felt I knew what my core values were/are, she helped me to further understand them as pieces to the giant puzzle. Throughout the process just when I thought we were stuck and it seemed what we were working on what I perceived as silly or repetitious material, Julia had a way of pulling something quite relevant into the moment. She seldom answers a question directly, instead she gets me to either go deeper or approach from a different angle. For me when the solution comes from within it has more authenticity. She has awakened in me the recognition that I am a happier person when I am making myself better, both as an employee and a person."