Teacher, Maple Ridge, BC
"I found Julia's website online and was drawn to working with her through a 'gut feeling'. After speaking with her on the phone, I knew this was a person I could trust to help me navigate my career uncertainty. I liked how working with Julia was a slow process of peeling back the layers to reveal my true wants and needs. As a mom who had put her children's needs first for many years, it seemed I had a lot of layers to work through! I appreciated how Julia guided me to feel into my body's wisdom for the answers to difficult questions. In fact, I continue to use Julia's methods - to ask questions, 'listen to' and trust the subtle answers from within. What a valuable skill to have! I found Julia to be warm, authentic and skilled at getting me to the heart of my career questions, helping me find my answers. If you are ready to take on this challenge, Julia is the ideal person to have as your guide. She is worth every penny!"