Fashion Magazine Editor

Here's How Pam Created a Career and Lifestyle around Her Greatest Passions and Strengths:

"Thank you for your incredible support and the journey we have taken together this past nine months exploring what I kept calling my ‘re-invention’ – a re-launch of my life as a businesswoman with a desire to evolve into a new direction.

When you and I started flushing out some career avenues and I shared my husband’s comment that I “would have made an amazing Magazine Editor,” I was far from believing this could be possible. However you encouraged me to seriously explore this avenue, gather information and get in touch with magazine executives in London and New York for real insights into this career. The more I learned about the industry, the more excited I became, and just instinctively knew it was for me…. if only it didn’t seem so out of reach.

Julia, you coached me to create a career and lifestyle around all of my passions and greatest strengths. Six months ago I would have never believed in myself enough to think this was possible, or that I was even good enough… Remember, even the informational interviews were beyond terrifying back then!!! You have shown me the way to pursue my passions, and given me the courage and the strength to believe in myself.

Thanks to your coaching and support, I have been able to land my dream job, and can now enjoy the challenges of this rewarding new career with incredible confidence and personal satisfaction. THANK YOU, Julia!"