“When I decided to look for a career coach, I had just exited a position that led me to burnout. I didn’t know what to do next, so I needed help with my next steps and to rebuild trust in myself. I immediately connected with Julia because she was simultaneously warm and generous but got to the point very quickly with excellent questions - and that was just the consultation call! Julia guided me through several elements of my journey. She helped me process a traumatic experience, guided me to seek rest and joy in my everyday life without guilt, and helped me find my own voice in understanding what I am looking for and what my priorities are right now. With her help, I was able to start voicing with confidence not just what I can bring to the table, but what I truly want to bring to the table - and what I want that table to look like! I appreciate Julia’s approach so much because it was really tailored to me. At each session, we progressed by leaps, because, contrary to my “good student” instincts, I felt I could honestly approach her with where I truly am mentally and emotionally, and she met me where I was, but then we moved forward. She asked excellent questions and had many different approaches available to help me construct my own approaches that truly came from me, so that I was motivated to go try and play. With Julia’s guidance, I identified that the “what” of my work can be compromised of a plethora of things I find exciting and I’m good at, but most important to me is the “how”. I uncompromisingly need a team-oriented environment and I am happiest when I take on co-leadership roles. She also helped me realize that I’ve actually formed excellent working relationships with people I care about and that care about me. She guided me to authentically start reconnecting and not surprisingly, this is how I landed my interviews!