Image Consultant, Vancouver

"I sometimes get overwhelmed with the stress of making big changes in this way. Working with you helped me to see that the way I work is just fine and taught me to handle the stress around being that “big leap” kind of person.

I particularly appreciate the way you draw things into focus through your clear questioning, careful listening and provision of just the right resource at just the right time.

I also appreciate the way you took my individuality into account when figuring out the best kind of coaching program for me – you listened to me when I said that an ‘as needed’ approach would work and it did!

Each time I came to you with a particular issue, you went right to the heart of the matter, helped me sort through the various aspects and finished the call with a concrete plan of action to move forward. You did it all in just 40 minutes at a time.

Thanks for helping me. I will definitely refer you to others who would like a laser-focused yet gentle approach to their personal growth and development."