Victoria, BC Canada
"I started mentor coaching with Julia James as a requirement for my own coaching certification in 2020. Julia’s coaching style is gentle, compassionate, clear and confident. I have worked with Julia on many things. Perhaps the most beneficial session involved realizing that for me to move forward with my business, I needed a dedicated office space. During the pandemic and home-schooling my son, this seemed impossible. I couldn’t visualize how or where I could create this space. With Julia’s coaching, I was able to identify what was holding me back. When I looked closely at these barriers, I was able to let them go. From there, I very quickly took the steps needed to make a wonderful workspace in my own home. Since doing this, my practice has grown quickly. With this, my confidence, and my relationship with myself has also grown. Julia’s coaching style is body-centered. So, the more I learn about tuning into my intuition and my felt senses, the more I understand and appreciate the power of the way she works. I would recommend Julia to anyone looking to move through blockages to create a life that is more meaningful and satisfying for them. Thank you, Julia, for helping me along my journey."