Victoria, BC Canada
"When I first started my coaching sessions with Julia, I felt lost, confused, depressed and had no idea where to turn my attentions career-wise. We brainstormed lots and she coached me to tackle some difficult areas of my life that I had been avoiding. She was radiant with positive encouragement through the entire process. I now have a wonderful career organizing vintage fairs. It's amazing to feel alive and confident knowing that I'm doing exactly what I'm meant to do...bring people together and lift them up. It was through Julia's incredible coaching that I was able to identify what I desired in a career. And magically, it appeared once I knew what I was looking for. The biggest shock of all though, is how much the coaching affected my personal life. I went to Julia for career coaching, but while working on that, we tackled other personal difficulties that were blocking my path as well. She encouraged and helped me to communicate with my husband, family and friends in a new way. My connections and relationships with my loved ones have improved in leaps and bounds, and I love my new career! I am so very grateful to Julia and her warm, upbeat, positive coaching life is forever changed."