Behavior Support Specialist for adults with developmental disabilities, Eugene, Oregon

Here's How Alexis Re-Aligned with the Essence of Her Life's Work:

"I struggled and struggled with career decisions after staying home with my son for the first few years of his life. I felt conflicted because I had been in a field I loved for years but couldn't see a way to stay in that field while advancing to a level that made it worth my time to be away from my son. I thought I would have to seek out something completely different, but nothing was calling me. I went round and round in my mind for months.

Then I received coaching from Julia and everything began to shift. She took all the effort out of the process. Instead of trying to figure out what to do next, we went deeper into my history, my strengths, and my needs.

Once I got back into alignment with the essence of my life's work and stopped trying to force my square peg into a round hole, everything opened up.Opportunities began popping up that I hadn't even known existed! I am now so fulfilled in my work and so grateful to Julia for her wonderfully skilled coaching!"