Personal Trainer, Novato California

Here’s How Cindy Confronted Her Fears and Followed Through with Her Fulfilling Career:

“For me, life change equaled fear. What will happen? How will I decide? Will I be happy? Can I do this? What will people think? How do you move forward when you are all tangled up?

You need someone to make you feel safe and confident that you can do this. You need someone who acknowledges the challenges ahead, the journey that may unfold, the fears and how to get past them. In my case this person was a life coach named Julia James. I had support from many of my friends and my husband, but I needed more than love and support. Julia led me to answer my own hard questions.

With each coaching session I gained more clarity about the roadblocks that I had so strategically placed in my life. I realized that I had to let go of expectations that I thought I needed to fulfill for others. I didn’t need to reinvent myself, I was already pretty good. I just needed to do what I do best and what I enjoy most.

I went back to school with all the young 20-somethings and found that by challenging myself, I felt my confidence come back. It was all so exciting and although scary, it was exactly what I needed! With the assistance and patience of Julia James, I was able to confront my fears, and make a plan to move forward.

I now have a new business. It didn’t happen overnight and it wasn’t always easy, but it was right for me. I’m a personal trainer and specialize on helping seniors get fit in the comfort of their own homes. Thank you, Julia!”