Mini Retreats

How to Relax Like Cats Do

Have you ever noticed how relaxed cats are?  Now you too can be purring like a cat in only minutes. In the midst of our hurried lives, it’s a good idea to slow down and imitate a cat for a while. Pushing your feet into the floor, like cats do, creates a grounded feeling and helps you let go of the thoughts and worries in your mind. […]

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Recognize the Early Warning Signs of Stress

We can ignore our health, right up to the point of breakdown. When someone is diagnosed with a serious illness, the condition often comes as a complete surprise. However, long before a health crisis erupts, there are warning signs that we’re out of balance. When we pay attention to these, we can take preventive action to avoid major health problems. Take the quiz online to gauge the level of stress in your life and [...]

Recognize the Early Warning Signs of Stress2015-05-01T16:55:33-07:00

Create a Supportive Environment for Mini-Retreats

You can take Mini-Retreats anywhere and anytime, however creating a supportive environment for yourself will help you relax and make your retreats more enjoyable and powerful. Notice Supportive Places in Your Environment Water fountains Water in motion has a relaxing and rejuvenating effect. Public fountains, or your own mini-fountain in your home or office can help you relax. A walk by the ocean, a creek, a river, all have a soothing [...]

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Share Your Vision: Imagine Everyone Took Mini-Retreats

Take a moment to imagine everyone in your community enjoying Mini-Retreats. Following is a guided Mini-Retreat to help you envision and explore this possibility. Take notes as you journey in your imagination and share your vision with the community online. […]

Share Your Vision: Imagine Everyone Took Mini-Retreats2015-04-27T04:30:38-07:00
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