As you know by now, I have been working hard to get my book ready for publication. It’s been an exciting process – but it’s presented me with more than a few head-scratching moments.

When the time came to choose a title, I felt like a new mother choosing a name for her baby! It had to feel just right. After working through a list of ideas with my trusted advisers, I decided it was wise to test my top three ideas with you, my audience.

In the quiet corners of my mind, though, I was quickly falling in love with one choice: From the Pressure Cooker to the Teapot. This title arose in a workshop I conducted for a Vancouver law firm, when a participant used these words to describe the effect Mini-Retreats had on her.

I loved the imagery; it felt so right! But, like I said, it seemed wise to test it in the marketplace, so I created a book naming contest, and did some online testing.

Imagine my surprise to find that my love affair with this title was not shared by my readers! Hardly anyone chose it from the short list of options. As my surprise passed, disappointment and confusion set in. What now?

I have to admit, I thought about using my favorite choice anyway. I loved it that much! Besides, I should honor my heart more than dry statistics and logic anyway… right?

A conversation with my father helped me find some clarity and direction. He pointed out that my relationship to the Pressure Cooker title was rooted in the workshop where it was born and the conversation that inspired it. Without that context, readers didn’t quite get it.



He went on to explain why people (himself included) really liked the title The Mini-Retreat Solution: it sounds positive and makes people want to know more. Once they read the sub-title, How to Relax & Refresh – Anytime, Anywhere, it all makes sense. People know exactly what the book is about and what it can do for them.

When I hung up the phone, I went back to the test results and realized that my father’s insight was congruent with the contest results and online market research. The struggle was over and my book was named.

I experienced once again how important it is to explore the task at hand from several different perspectives. It helps us see more possibilities, not just one.

Even when you feel very excited about a potential solution, it’s wise to collect input – especially when heading into the marketplace. When we fall in love with our ideas, we get so invested in them that we can be blind to the bigger picture.

I encourage you to sit back and take a moment:

  • Ask yourself: “What ideas have I fallen in love with?”
  • Jot down a quick list. It might include a new career path that seems very exciting, a marketing angle for your business, or your idea of the perfect car.
  • Now ask yourself, “Where can I get some other perspectives on this? Who would be a good person to talk with about this?”
  • Reach out to people you respect who may not share your perspective and listen closely to what they have to say.
  • Chances are you’ll walk away with new insights, even if you choose to stick with your initial decision.

This is one of the greatest things about coaching: it offers a safe space to explore new ideas and perspectives. It’s a shortcut to better decisions, stronger actions and more peace of mind.

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