Many people believe that following your passion is guaranteed to lead to success and happiness in your career and your life. While passion is an important aspect of finding the answer to the question: “What Career is right for me?” – it is not the only one. It is just as important that your career fits well with the rest of your life. As your life circumstances change, your priorities in life change. Parenthood is undoubtedly one of the biggest life changes you may experience. As you will learn from Caroline’s story, it is well worth reconsidering and adjusting your career direction when life circumstances change. There is a way to pursue your passion that also supports your family life.

I got to know Caroline, while shopping for my friend's wedding dress. A couple of years later her career in fashion no longer fit with the needs of her young family and she was asking herself "What career is right for me at this time?"

I got to know Caroline, while shopping for my friend’s wedding dress in the spring of 2010. When we entered Caroline’s bridal boutique in Kitsilano, I instantly recognized her from a networking function that we both attended a few years earlier.

While my friend was in the change room, Caroline and I had a chance to chat. When I showed her my book, The Mini-Retreat Solution, which was just hot off the press at the time, Caroline instantly said: “I need your book.” She recently had had twins and was feeling overwhelmed and needed tools to help her relax.

A couple of years later, I received a message from Caroline, “I need your help!” Caroline was now on the verge of closing down her bridal boutique. She was ready to figure out the next steps on her career path. She had come to a point where her career in fashion no longer fit with the needs of her young family. It takes courage to admit to yourself and others that the career you loved so much is no longer working for you.

Through coaching, Caroline was able to look at the bigger picture of her life and business. She clearly saw now which aspects of her work in the fashion industry she wanted to take with her into the next chapter of her career and which ones she wanted to leave behind. Caroline knew that she wanted more flexibility and the option to work from home while still utilizing her years of experience in design.

The launch her freelance website design business was Caroline's answer to her question “What career is right for me at this time?”

Caroline’s education in Multimedia at UBC and Applied Design from Kwantlen University were widely used in her fashion career for many years. Because she had a passion for design and graphics and many years of experience, all it took was some upgrading classes to launch her new freelance website design business. This was Caroline’s answer to her question “What career is right for me at this time?”

She is now running a successful web-design business from her home office. Caroline loves the ease and flexibility of her new venture which allows her to manage her time around her family’s needs.

When it came to choosing a web-designer for the revamp of my website, Caroline was a natural choice for me. Caroline helped me customize my message, look and feel to communicate clearly with potential clients just like her. Many times throughout this highly collaborative process, she suggested changes based on her own experience of being coached by me.

It’s rare that I get to experience first-hand the joy of my clients who have found their fulfilling career by then becoming their client. I am grateful for the experience of working with Caroline as my web-designer. I felt her passion for what she does every step of the way. I also witnessed her taking care of her family’s needs with ease. As Caroline says, “I couldn’t be any happier. I am so grateful to have found the career I had been dreaming of.”

Just like Caroline, you too can find a clear answer to your question: “What career is right for me?” Take a powerful step now and request your FREE career clarity consultation! Allow me to assist you in discovering the next chapter in your career.

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