A charitable society, the Christmas Spirit Community Dinner, has created a wonderful tradition in Victoria. They have been organizing free Christmas dinners for low-income families for over 20 years. The Gettin’ Higher Choir has been contributing to this tradition by singing Christmas Carols while the families enjoy their meal.

Enjoy the feeling of gratitude: To give is to receive!

Enjoy the feeling of gratitude: To give is to receive!

Last year, I decided to participate in the carolling. We sang mostly well-known Christmas carols, but also some lesser known seasonal songs. As we were singing, I noticed a beautiful little girl, dressed in a purple satin dress with black poke-dots. She was holding a little doll in her arms that was wearing the exact same dress as herself. I imagined that her mother must have sown both dresses for the little girl for Christmas.

Soon the little girl and her brother started dancing to our carols in front of the stage. We invited them to join us on stage and sing along with us. We found out that “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” and “Frosty the Snowman” were their favourite carols. As we sang their favourites, brother and sister were beaming with delight.

When it was time for them to eat their meal, they reluctantly stepped down from the stage. The little girl kept looking back to us singers in between bites. I am sure she will never forget that Christmas day and neither will I.

It was very meaningful for all of us singers to brighten up the Christmas dinner for the over 250 guests. We all received so much in return. To be able to bring so much joy to two little kids, was a wonderful gift to receive. It made my heart sing. I really felt the truth of the expression “to give is to receive” in that moment.

I encourage you to pay attention to the joy you receive from giving in meaningful and sometimes serendipitous ways. Allow yourself to receive this joy with your whole heart and let it inspire you. Then giving and receiving truly become one.

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