As we come upon this Thanksgiving season, I find myself deep in celebration – what a wonderful place to be!

Let me tell you how I landed here, and why I’m so full of gratitude.

As I built my business over the last five years, there have been a handful of people who played an especially meaningful role in my pursuit of success. Today, I want to turn the spotlight on them and acknowledge the difference they made in my life.

First, I want to honour a woman who was extraordinarily supportive at a time when I needed it most. I met Martha, my most influential coach, when I was just starting my business. I knew I needed her support, but I also knew I couldn’t afford her fees.

In a highly unusual gesture of faith, she agreed to coach me on credit. I was shocked – this is just not how coaching is done. But I was very fortunate that she offered to do so; her support made a tremendous contribution to my success.

Last week, I was finally ready to pay my debt. I don’t think I have ever experienced more joy in writing a cheque! I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for her trust in me.

Perhaps this piece of history is why I take such pride and pleasure in supporting my own team of associate coaches. It is truly a thrill to lead such a sharp and committed group, and it feels deeply rewarding to support them in their growth as coaches.

My professional support team also deserves a turn in the spotlight. I am consistently impressed with the creativity and professionalism of my assistant, bookkeeper, designer, web whiz and editor. I could not have built this business without them.

Who really made a difference in your life?

• Take a few minutes to list some names.
• Add notes on why these people are so special to you.
• Then, embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving and tell them how grateful you are to have them in your life.