Most people who read the SPARK and come to life coaching do so because they want to make a change in their career, performance, relationships and/or personal life. Getting clear on what you truly want and striving for it is empowering, energizing and truly life changing.

However, in the process of building the life we want, it’s easy to miss out on the beauty that is all around us. We can be just like a mountaineer, intensely focused on the summit – but missing out on the spectacular view and sweet berries along the way.

At times, it is important to slow down, rest, take in your surroundings and appreciate all the things that are part of your present moment.

When you pause on your own personal mountain-climbing adventure, you may notice that your feet are sore, your body is weary, you need water and food, and your longing to reach the top is intense. Simply accept all these sensations as part of your current reality.

When you stop resisting these discomforts and simply accept them as 76part of your present moment, they magically diminish a bit. This is because resistance and avoidance actually make the pain worse, while acceptance soothes it.

Take a moment now to reconnect with your experiences of this moment:

  • Take in the scenery around you, as if you were on a hike in the mountains.
  • What are you seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting?
  • What are your physical sensations?
  • If you like, jot down the things you are noticing about your life in this moment.
  • Now, relax and allow yourself to fully accept this snapshot of life, just as it is.
  • Recognize that this moment is a perfect part of your personal journey.
  • Appreciate this moment, increasing your acceptance bit by bit, until you fully embrace what is here, now.

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