FALL IS FULL / Make It Fulfilling

Fall is such a busy season; we are trying to fit it all in rather than taking the time to choose our priorities. In our society “more” and “faster” is better, so slowing down and taking the time to choose your priorities for the coming months, might seem like an impossible luxury.

I challenge you to take this time for yourself! Take half an hour to reflect and prioritize and make this Fall season fulfilling instead of full.

Turn off your cell phone and your computer; make yourself a good cup of coffee or tea. If you need to leave the office to be uninterrupted, please do so. Take a pen and a blank piece of paper and enjoy this reflective time by yourself.

  1. Imagine you have just been given enough resources for the next three months, so that you don’t have to work. Knowing that this is a unique opportunity, what will you do with your time? Write down all the things that come to mind.
  2. Look at your list and choose the three items that are most important for you.
  3. Now close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine you had already completed these three projects. Connect to each experience as vividly as possible. How do you feel? What body sensations are connected with your achievement? What did you learn? Open your eyes and write your vision down as quickly as possible before it fades away.
  4. What would happen if you made these three items your priority for the Fall? What would be the consequences?

You might want to repeat this process two or three times, to arrive at the priorities that have heart and meaning for you. Once you are happy with your priorities, write them on a blank sheet of paper and post them to remind you daily.

Enjoy your fulfilling Fall season!
Julia James is a Certified Life Coach. She partners with busy professionals to help them achieve balance in their lives. Julia creates a safe space for clients and group participants to explore their passion. For more information visit: www.JuliaJames.ca.