by Julia James, Certified Life Coach

As a child growing up, one of my favourite times of year was just before Christmas. There was a feeling of sparkling, charged, joyful anticipation in the air. I was looking forward to the great gifts on my wish list, the first whiff of fresh baked Christmas cookies, the pine-scented Christmas tree, the colourful lights and, of course, the wonderful sound of the first crunchy steps in the beautiful, white snow.

In our family, we had a tradition of receiving a little gift every Sunday morning in December up until Christmas. I can still feel my whole body bursting with the joy of anticipation as I slipped under the covers. I knew that in the morning, magically there was going to be a gift waiting for me under my bed. Even though they were “useful” gifts, such as a new pair of gloves or socks, it didn’t matter. It was the anticipation that was pure delight.

As we grow up, it is easy to lose those feelings of magic. Sometime after we find out that Santa Claus doesn’t exist, our logical minds develop and rational reasoning kicks in.

However, what do we really know? Isn’t magic all around us? Each unique snowflake. Every sunrise and sunset. The way we met our friends and life partners. Those magically synchronistic moments of every day life, when the bus pulls up just as we arrive at the stop.

Rekindle your sense of joyful anticipation. Anticipate magical things to happen in your day and receive them as true gifts.

How to Rekindle the Magic of Anticipation:

  • Take a moment to remember the sense of joyful anticipation you felt in your childhood.
  • Plan a date or a weekend get-away and enjoy the anticipation leading up to it.
  • Recognize every day life synchronistic moments and receive them as true gifts.
  • As you wake up each morning, look forward to your day and miracles it will bring to you. Don’t just wait, anticipate!

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