My recent move to Victoria reminded me of the nature of life transitions with which I am intimately familiar through my work as a life coach and my own life experience. With each occurrence of change, we naturally receive the gift of open space. Now open space is something that tends to be avoided at all costs and so it can be very tempting to overstep this very important step and rush on to the next thing.

We see it in the market place: as soon as the Christmas decorations are gone, the Valentines promotions take their place, on February 15 the Easter eggs take the place of Valentine hearts seamlessly and on it goes.

Moving to Victoria meant leaving my familiar life, neigbourhood, circle of friends, grocery stores and many special familiar places behind. It meant stepping into unfamiliar territory and lots of open space. It can be a scary place and most people feel lost, lonely and alone in the midst of this life transitions – and so did I!

I didn’t know how comfortable and familiar everything had become to me in Vancouver until I left. Suddenly, I found myself standing at street corners in Victoria, studying a map; it doesn’t help that I am directionally challenged. All of a sudden I no longer had friends living just a few blocks away. I even missed the friendly, familiar grocery store clerk, who was always eager to hear my news when I lived in Vancouver. However, once I embraced the open space that I was experiencing, I began to enjoy it.

How often do we:

  • have the luxury of a blank canvass in front of us?
  • contemplate what we want to create?
  • have space for exciting opportunities to show up?

Notice the open spaces in your own life right now:

  • Maybe you have recently ended a relationship.
  • Maybe your favourite fitness class has been canceled.
  • Maybe your friend opted out on the trip you were planning together for this summer.

No matter how big or small your life transition appears; no matter how much space has opened up in your life, take a moment to witness its expansive nature. Look at it as if it was a blank canvass brimming with possibilities.

Rather than rushing to get the paint brush and beginning to fill your canvass with colours, enjoy the space and possibilities it offers to you right now. Allow yourself to take time to dream.

Open yourself to the possibility of opportunities that may naturally appear in your life, now that you have space for them to materialize.