It’s been a full month! The Mini-Retreat Solution is now available on Amazon and has already received a few rave reviews. The Mini-Retreat workshop in Juliet’s Room last month was very well received. This month, I am offering a workshop on the phone. You can connect in your community and learn about Mini-Retreats from the comfort of your home or office. I look forward to hearing your voice on the call on April 14 at 6:00 pm PST. Reserve your spot today!

As I am creating my own balcony garden, I am celebrating Aimee’s success in turning her love for plants and deep care for people into a wonderful and unique flourishing garden.
How can you keep in touch with your creative power and shift out of a place of comparison?

Over the Easter weekend, I gathered ingredients for my beautiful balcony garden: fresh soil, planters and seeds. Gardening always brings me back to the basic principles of creation. It’s a joy to plant the tiny seeds and then watch them grow and develop into beautiful plants within weeks and months. In the summer and early fall, I know I will enjoy the flowers and fruit. It is truly amazing!
This month’s story talks about the times when we forget about our creative power and start comparing ourselves to others. For me, getting my hands dirty and starting my balcony garden is a good remedy and reminder.