by Julia James, Certified Life Coach

Do you dread making New Year’s Resolutions? Even with the best of intentions to resolve to quit smoking, work out regularly, and make more money, we already know how it’s going to turn out before we begin. Come January 5th, we won’t feel like it anymore.

When we make New Year’s Resolutions, we create an expectation to live up to rather than a vision to live in to.

There is Another Way

You don’t have to drop personal goals altogether. There is another way to put your hopes and dreams into practice with intention.

Set aside some quiet, quality time to write yourself a letter. At the top of your page, mark the date December 31st, of the New Year. In your mind, travel all the way to the end of December. Picture yourself celebrating your successes, what you have learned, your friendships and your family. Write this letter in the present and past tense, as though you are looking back over the year.

This is a simple yet powerful exercise. In my letter to myself last year, I had envisioned that I was going to have 20 clients and hire associate coaches. When I opened up my letter this year, I saw that everything I had written has come true.

Questions That will get You started:

  • What have I done differently this year to reach my goals and create relationships?
  • What kind of person have I become and what has helped me along the way?
  • What memorable experiences have I collected over the course of this year?
  • What am I proud of when I am looking back over the year?
  • What did I let go of this year?
  • If this year were a movie, what would I choose as its title?

Then ask yourself what two things could you start doing today that will support you in making this dream a reality. Create a reminder structure to incorporate these new healthy habits.

Tuck that letter away until next New Year’s Eve and trust that you will live into your vision!