HOW CAN YOU DO IT ALL? / Take a mini Vacation today

Do you ever wonder how you can possibly accomplish everything on your list? By taking a mental vacation. This kind of vacation doesn’t involve any expenses, planning, cooperation from family members or agreement from your employer.

Give yourself permission to take at least one 3-10 minute mini-vacation every day. Come back refreshed, relaxed, and excited to continue with your work.

Here are five ways to take a mini-vacation just for you:

1. Fantasy Journey
Do you remember Mary Poppins and her ability to jump into a picture and wander off into a different world? Imagine one of your favourite landscapes, jump right in and begin your fantasy journey. You may go for a stroll on the beach, a walk in the park, visit an exotic island, or simply sit underneath a tree and enjoy the songs of birds – all in your imagination.

2. Breathing Time
Our breath is a reflection of our stress level. Often our breathing is shallow in the midst of daily demands. Slowing down and deepening your breath is a simple and powerful way to relax.
a) Start by noticing your breath. Close your eyes and notice your breath flowing in and out of your body naturally.
b) Count two beats while you are breathing in and two beats while you are breathing out.
c) Then slowly increase the numbers on each breath. Three beats, four beats, five beats up to eight beats per breath.
d) Continue breathing at this slow pace for at least five more breaths.

3. Muscle Relaxation
Tense a group of muscles and count till 7. Then relax this group of muscles counting to 14. We hold a lot of tension in our body; by consciously tensing a group of muscles it is easier to relax this area. You can work through your body from head to toe or vice versa, or choose a specific area that feels tight.

4. Eye Care
Our eyes are constantly absorbing information and much of the time in one position: looking at the computer screen. Give them a break!
a) Roller coaster ride: Rolling your eyes in circles from left to right and then vice versa.
b) Looking inward: Closing your eyes and imagining looking up to the ceiling behind your eyelids.

5. Wash Away Your Worries
When we’re tense and anxious, blood flow to our extremities is reduced. Hot water restores circulation, convincing the body it’s safe and that it is okay to relax. Let hot water run over your hands until you feel tension start to drain away.
Purposeful downtime is vital to optimal performance and a healthy life. If you don’t allow yourself this recovery time on a regular basis, your performance will deteriorate and you will feel worn down.
Don’t wait for your next vacation; take a mini-vacation today!
These tips sparked your imagination? Create your own special mini-vacations and share your ideas until April 28! I will reward the first, the funniest and the most creative response each with 15% savings on the coaching package of your choice.

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