My company’s tagline is also my motto in life. It’s a philosophy that guides me, because passion and dreams make life AMAZING!

Many years ago, my friend Miriam spent a year in Chile. Around the same time, I discovered my passion for Salsa dancing and Latin culture. Within our friendship, a dream emerged to travel together through South America.

So, I enrolled in a beginner Spanish course. Then years went by and nothing much happened. But whenever we met or talked on the phone, we imagined the places we would visit together. Eventually I realized that without a travel date, this dream would stay in our imaginations.

When we discussed possible travel dates, it turned out we both had the same timeframe in mind, even though it was several years away. We took this as a sign.

I started learning Spanish more seriously, hiring a private teacher and practicing with a Mexican friend. With every new word I learned, our dream became more real.

I saved money for the trip and continued to build flexibility into my business. We sketched out a rough route through Peru and Chile, and exchanged packing lists. When the day finally came to buy airline tickets, we couldn’t believe how excited we were.

What followed were five unforgettable weeks this winter, traveling through the cultural and natural beauty of South America. From the Andes to the deserts, we met so many friendly, generous locals and shared heartfelt conversations with other travelers.

Every day we ventured into the unknown, enjoying the surprises that unfolded. My life is forever richer because of this experience. It truly was the journey of a lifetime.

Do you have a dream? A passion? What is your heart’s desire? Whatever your heart is calling for, listen! Follow the call, one step at a time. That is how a dream comes to life.