It all started with a dream. I wanted to visit Germany – my home country. For three years I had invested all my resources into building my business. Now I longed to fly home.

The question on my mind was: “How can I afford it?” I had no idea, but I wrote down the question and left it at that. A few days later, after my morning meditation, the idea popped into my mind – I can offer my Life-Balance Seminars to corporations in Germany!  I contacted friends and family, told them about my plans and asked to them to contact their networks. A good friend reconnected me with a mutual friend from university. Our mutual friend had established a successful management consulting and training company and wanted to promote my seminars to her clients. Shortly after that I received so many positive responses that I was booked for fourteen seminars in Germany and Switzerland! Now my flight is booked. I am excited to see my family again, expand my business and make a positive contribution to major corporations in Europe. It all started with a dream!

What’s your dream?

1. Write down your biggest dream.
2. What is the question you need to ask? Write it down.
3. Make room for regular, uninterrupted quiet time. Take mini-retreats, meditate, relax.
4. Let inspiration come to you.
5. Follow through with your ideas. This is crucial! You need to act on your ideas.

Enjoy this new reality! It is powerful to share your dream. Share your dream with the world and add to my list of dreams at

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