Thank you for coming to this place on earth at this time in history! You are a gift! As Dr. Seuss says it so well: “There is no one alive who is you-er than you!” That you-ness, the essence of who you truly are, is a tremendous gift to the world. Your gift is needed and wanted!

Unfortunately, many people don’t experience themselves as a gift. So, if you are feeling some resistance to this idea, you are absolutely not alone. Just take a moment to acknowledge any discomfort or doubts that may show up for you as you are reading.

Would you like to play with this idea of being a gift for a moment? It’s just as an experiment and you can go back to your doubts if you wish.

Play with the Idea of Being a Gift

gift-hugIn the spirit of playful experimenting, put your arms around your shoulders in tender embrace as if you were holding a kitten or a puppy.

Thank yourself for being who you are. Simply embrace yourself as you are without needing to change anything.

You may want to take a few deep breaths and just notice any emotions that are rising up in you. Self-love takes courage. As you are holding yourself as a gift you are being courageous.


gift-balconyNow, while you are still hugging yourself, take a look around you. Notice all the gifts you are surrounded by: the warming sun, the cooling rain, the fresh air, all the plants and animals and all beings, the earth, the sky and all of creation. You are indeed a gift surrounded by gifts! Open your arms and receive the gifts around you. What kind of gifts are you aware of in this moment?

Take a moment to check in with yourself. What’s it like to try this on? It may feel quite lovely but it may also feel uncomfortable. Allow yourself to notice what it feels like for you in this moment. Acknowledge the feelings that arise and give them a chance to move through you.

Journal About the Notion of Being a Gift

This whole notion of embracing and recognizing yourself as a gift may be a completely new concept for you. I applaud you on your courage to experiment with this concept. In the spirit of exploration, I invite you to ponder the following questions:

  • What might be getting in your way (if anything) of truly recognizing yourself as a gift?
  • What’s the gift you most long to give?
  • What kinds of gifts do you receive, when you give your true gift?
  • What’s missing in the world, when you don’t fully give your gift?

journal-giftYou may want to sit down with your journal and a steaming cup of tea as you contemplate these questions. You may find more than one answer to each of the questions. You may find different answers at different times.

I invite you to keep on exploring these questions and noticing the answers that come to you.

I believe that the journey to career clarity and fulfillment is truly about discovering your own gifts and learning how to use them in ways that energize and inspire you.

You don’t have to travel alone. Receive the gift of your free career clarity consultation. Let’s explore how I may support you on your adventure ahead.