Are you a champion procrastinator? Some of us are such talented and accomplished procrastinators that we really should get an award. Honestly, we can be so creative! Where others see a pile of paperwork, we see another game of Solitaire. Dirty dishes in the sink? That’s just a sign it’s time to paint your nails.

Feeling a little wince of recognition? Me too. I think maybe we’re all born procrastinators. So, it’s up to us to learn a few skills, so we can be productive and determined, despite our tendency to avoid the things we don’t feel inspired to do.

The next time you feel cornered by a task you don’t like, take a look inside. Feel that tension building? It’s telling you: “This task requires more energy, attention, or focus than I have right now.”

That’s what makes you search for a fun or relaxing alternative: the need to recharge yourself.

The key to conquering procrastination is to recognize that it’s just reflecting your need to re-energize and regroup. Once you know this, you can feed the real need – instead of the urge to goof off.

Without a doubt, the best anti-procrastination strategy is also one of the simplest: take a Mini-Retreat!

Mini-Retreats are 5-15 minutes set aside for the sole purpose of relaxing and recharging. You deliberately stop your daily activity and step out of your familiar ways, just to reclaim some calm, focused attention.

Mini-Retreats can be still or active. Here are some ideas:
1. Sit down, close your eyes, relax in your chair and focus on your breathing.
2. Go for a nice slow walk – or a brisk one.
3. Stretch your body, starting at your feet and working your way up.
4. Get outside and feel the sun on your skin.
5. Turn on your favourite music and dance or sing along.

After a few minutes, you’ll feel your energy level pick up, your mood lighten and your inspiration return, and you’ll have what it takes to go forth and conquer once more.