A GIFT IS WAITING FOR YOU Are You Ready to Receive It?

This weekend we got five inches of beautiful white snow in Vancouver. While this would not be worth mentioning in the rest of the country, it is big news here.

I love snow. It softens the sounds of the city and brightens the dark winter days. I love how it sounds when I walk—crunching with every step. When I woke up this morning the snowstorm had passed and had left a perfect white blanket over everything. I got up early, put on my boots, coat and mittens and ventured out in into the snow.

The whole city was a winter playground, and besides a few dog owners, I had it all to myself. The neighborhood had been transformed into a scene from a Christmas carol.
Another thing that I like about snow in Vancouver, is that it slows everything down.

Traffic stalls, meetings are cancelled, and people can’t get to work or out of the city. It puts things into perspective as we recognize the power of the elements. But most importantly it provides an opportunity to receive a precious gift: the present moment.

With all the ice and snow, a friend of mine was stuck at the airport for two hours. Initially he was frustrated by the delay. Then he relaxed and began to see his time at the airport as a gift. He started a conversation with another traveler and came away with ideas that he now wants to apply in his business.

When you find yourself cursing your situation, relax, take a deep breath and ask:

What is the gift that I am meant to receive?

How do you want to relate to the elements of your life that are out of your control?

Do you want to see them as inconveniences?

Or do you want to receive the gifts they have to offer?

As I am writing this, my fingers are slowly warming up and my cheeks are starting to glow. What a special way to start my day.

Enjoy this holiday season and look out for the special gifts it brings to you!

Julia James is a Certified Life Coach. She partners with busy professionals to help them achieve balance in their lives. Julia creates a safe space for clients and group participants to explore their passion. For more information visit: www.JuliaJames.ca