As the New Year approaches, spend some time reflecting on your accomplishments and disappointments throughout 2005. Allow yourself to take the time to complete 2005 before beginning the New Year. Completion is about making things whole and fully letting them be what they are. When something is incomplete, it drains energy from you and hangs around like a ghost. When you complete something you take that energy back. You accept a loss and celebrate a win. Often times, a ritual such as lighting a candle, burning a letter, or popping a champagne bottle gives you closure.

Here are some things you can do on your own, with a friend, partner, or your coach. It can be empowering to revisit, dream, and share.


1. Reflect on 2005 by looking at all the areas of your life such as family, friends, career, and health.
• List all your wins and accomplishments in 2005.
• Mark each one as either complete or incomplete, and set a date to complete it.
• To complete a win or accomplishment, think about a way to celebrate your success.
• List all your losses, disappointments and breakdowns in 2005.
• Mark each one as complete or incomplete, and set a date to complete it.
• To let go of your losses and disappointments, it can be helpful to create a ritual. Even if you don’t know yet HOW to complete, make sure you still set a date.

2. Look at the major lessons you have learned this past year that you want to carry into 2006.

A coaching session can help you to refine this list, clarify the lessons learned and how to incorporate the learning in the future.


1. Imagine it is December 2006. Where do you want to be in your life a year from now?
2. Write a list of your wins and accomplishments for 2006.
3. Be specific. Write about them as though they have already happened or they happen routinely.
4. Look at each area of your life and imagine what you want it to resemble a year from now. Quickly write what you see.

Coaching will help you to make this happen through targeted exercises, design of an action plan and accountability as you follow through on your plan.

5. Name this upcoming year. If the New Year was a book, what would be its title?

This process is designed to help you bring focus to your New Year. It presents an opportunity to consciously create your life.

Make 2006 your most potent, joyful year so far!

Julia James is a Certified Life Coach. She partners with busy professionals to help them achieve balance in their lives. Julia creates a safe space for clients and group participants to explore their passion. For more information visit: