This month I am celebrating a big milestone: the 50th edition of SPARK*, my online newsletter. On a personal level, John and I are celebrating our first anniversary this month. We are filled with gratitude and joy for our life in loving partnership.It is wonderful to receive comments on my blog and e-mails  from SPARK* readers who feel inspired by my tips and stories.  SPARK* really lives and thrives through being read, appreciated and most importantly, when put into action.

This is how it all began, with the very first SPARK* published in June 2005: BE HAPPY AS A GOAT

Here are my personal favourites for each year:
2006: How to Walk the Tight Rope with Grace

2007: What’s Zapping Your Energy?

2008: Celebrate Your Success

2009: Habits – How to Make them Work for You

2010: Mini-Retreats in the Nick of Time

In the spirit of celebration, please share what YOU most enjoy about SPARK* on my blog. As a way of saying thank you, I will send you a special surprise gift.


Julia :)