CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS: Take a Bite of Joy, Happiness and Pride

by Julia James, Certified Life Coach

Do you ever accomplish something and just move on to the next project, not even taking a moment to catch your breath? After all, there’s so much to be done,

You are not alone! Most people plug away at those eternal to-do lists and don’t allow time to celebrate hard work and success. This pattern may produce results, but it certainly leaves little room for joy –and results without joy is like baking a great cake without ever delighting in its taste.

Why don’t we stop to celebrate more often? After all, celebration shifts us into a world of fantastic feelings – happiness, satisfaction, pride, and more – and these feelings have a way of generating even more success. They fill us up with lots of energy that spills over into the next endeavour.

Celebration doesn’t have to be a party with champagne and dancing. It can be as simple as taking a moment to deeply appreciate a successful meeting, a signed agreement, or a great homemade dinner. It can be a shared moment with someone close, just talking over a recent accomplishment. It can be soaking in a bubble bath, enjoying this relaxing time for you. It really can be anything – as long as it gives you an opportunity to acknowledge your success and enjoy it fully.

Are you running a little low on celebration in your life? If so, perhaps you reserve celebration for only the super-special achievements. Or perhaps you’re a little hard on yourself, habitually looking at challenges instead of victories.

It’s time to bring more joy and appreciation into your
life – go celebrate!

1. Take a moment to think about a recent achievement.

2. Write about this event, recalling the juiciest details, and acknowledge the qualities in you that were necessary to succeed. Let this be the first entry in an ongoing success journal.

3. Now choose a way to celebrate that feels wonderful to you. Do it now!

Here is a wonderful way to celebrate: Enjoy a Mini- Vacation,10 minutes of sheer bliss!