I had the great pleasure to meet Sarah Harrison, a passionate and very talented yoga teacher. I enjoyed her yoga class so much that I feel compelled to share this incredible resource with you.

Sarah is teaching a very gentle way of yoga called restorative yoga. She says “if you don’t feel like you can stay in the pose for a day or longer, ask for help and adjust the pose so that you can truly relax.” Sarah prides herself in helping people find relaxation and meeting them exactly where they are. No matter how fit or flexible you are, you can find deep relaxation with Sarah’s kind of yoga.

Sarah’s restorative yoga class is very small (five people or less per class). This allows Sarah to take care of everyone’s needs and help people adjust their poses as needed. Another great thing about Sarah’s class is that you get to enjoy the amethyst crystal bio-mats. Just laying on these mats alone is very relaxing as the crystals help re-balance the body’s nervous system. Engaging in the gentle yoga poses on the bio- mats with Sarah’s guidance is even better.

I highly recommend you treat yourself to a restorative yoga class this summer. Bring a friend and take advantage of her two-for-one summer special. For more information, visit: http://www.innertruthyoga.org/